In the shadow which offers no relief, we explore the caverns of thought and pluck stars from the sky.

primevalxtitan said: can you list me some bands similar to Primitive Man? I'm so bored of all my music currently except for them

honestly the only band i can really think of is northless but maybe check out the bands they’ve done splits with

LA!! i’m gonna be there a lil bit before 11 so if you have nothing else to do tonight go to the greyhound bus station and hangout with me for an hour! will trade zines for food!

Anonymous said: Dude I'm pretty sure you reblogged this drawing of a naked chick on her back but she has six legs. I went through your blog trying to find it but no luck. Maybe you'll have better luck, if you can find it can you reblog or link it maybe? Thanks

i have no fucking idea what you’re talking about but i’m usually drunk when i’m on tumblr so i don’t remember shit. i’m not gonna look for it for you so my best suggestion is to go through my archive if you’re really that convinced i reblogged it. sorry for being of no help.

little child:

*starts walking

dad of the year:

get back over here!

little child:


dad of the year:

because i said so!

yoooo portland come hangout with me at the greyhound station and tell me why i shouldn’t hate this city

ill get to the rest of the number sin a bit, im gonna go get stoned but keep sendin them :~)


yoooooo okay sooooo first off ABSOLUTE TOTAL BABE! secondly, your photography is fucking killin it like i literally have a text post draft saved in my shit tellin people to follow u cuz ur pictures rule n so does ur blog but now i gotta wait even longer to post it to keep ur identity a secret. but i see you at shows all the time but i’m shy n nervous to say hi but seriously i wanna be friends cuz you seem really cool and (obviously) have greeeaaaaat taste in music. 

ps.have fun at not dead yet!! if we can manage to become actual friends before you leave you should pick me up some column of heaven merch cuz i’m jealous af that you get to go


it’s been one long fuckin minute since we last talked or anything but whatever ur up to i hope ur happy n having a good time cuz u were one of the first people i actually talked to on this site. 


srsly wish i was stopping in pomona to be able to hang n drink with u on my way to az cuz ur definitely a homie 


luv ur blog n ur a great person but i’ve never read ur poestry n that’s definitely a problem so let’s fix that